Important values that investors are looking at Whitley Residences

The Whitley Residence is a freehold strata condominium located along the Whitley Road in District 11, Singapore. This residence will be made of sixty one units upon its completion. Three of the units will be strata terraces while the remaining units, fifty eight in number, will be strata detached houses. The development of this residence is set for completion in the next one year.
Therefore if you will be looking for a good place to live in in Singapore in the next year then you should consider this residential property. The following are some of the things that make the Whitley Residences a top residential place to live in:

The type of environment it is located in

The Whitley Residence is located in a serene environment. Living in a peaceful environment has a lot of benefits. For instance, you are able to concentrate on something fully without any distractions. Also, you can spend some quality time with your family members in a peaceful environment as compared to a noisy environment or an environment with a lot of distractions. It is also a good place to raise kids. Therefore, if you are that kind of person who likes a peaceful environment then this is the right residential property for you.
The design of the residential property

This residence is being designed using some of the best and modern designs. These designs give it a good and elegant look. The other important thing with the designs being used on this condominium is their ability to cater for the space needs of those people who will be living in its units. This is because all the units of this property are admirably spacious and each has two car parking lots. The spaciousness of the different units in this property makes it a good choice for people with large families or for people with a lot of household. 

The Whitley Residences location 

Macpherson Mall Is Retailers Choice

Perfectly located in the Central area or region and directly next to Tannery Industrial Estate, the mall is a superb choice for investments for people owning homes and running business operations. Those owning shops will experience throughout flourishing business with the smooth flow and stream of customers always frequenting their shops regularly from within the proximity and vicinity for there is no other nearest shopping outlet currently available at this precise location only Macpherson Mall is available.

The retail shops fronts are set up to welcome smooth flow and steady stream of willing and ready customers needing to shop. It also merges or combines adjacent units to come up or form larger retail shop spaces that expand or develop together with one’s business. The mall is a perfect place and environment to put up your business and discover how far it can go and prosper. Its retail space is flexible and easy to change readily to meet new circumstances, hence it can be easily be shaped or moulded to detailed description of design or specifications of one’s liking.

Some set up restaurants at the Macpherson Mall are undertaking recruitments and they include: The newly lunched Ibis Styles Macpherson hotel and restaurant which has already conducted recruitment programme and drive which occurred as from fourteenth to twenty-sixth day of November, 2015. They did this in partnership with an agency known as the Work Development Authority (WDA) of Singapore and the E2i. The hotel was looking and searching for Singapore residents willing to have or who want new challenges and different opportunities in the ever growing and developing hospitality industry.

The 300 room hotel is set to open or be officially opened in the first quarter of next year, 2016, is built or constructed around a resort-style pool next and adjacent to the MacPherson Shopping Mall. Other hotels, including Accor Hotels are constantly searching for talent and making available wonderful career opportunities.

Macpherson MALL-v1

New medical centre setting up at Novena Singapore

Royal Square at Novena is situated at the intersection of Thomson Road and Irrawaddy Road. It offers occupants lots of easy choices of conveyance. Besides, you can take your kids to Balestier School, a primary school if you want. Balestier Hill Primary School (BHPS) was established in January 2002 (a union of Moulmein Primary School and Swiss Cottage Primary School) with Dr Irene Ho as the first Principal. Its key personnel and tutors were mainly from the two schools. The school aims to realize the desired outcomes of learning i.e. to develop the exceptional talents and skills of every child to the full and teaches him to be ethically upright, culturally rooted yet understanding and respecting difference, responsible to family, community and country.
Managed by those who live, work and volunteer downtown, Royal Square Development & Construction (RSDC) is a full-service profit-making and inhabited real estate inventor. The team is dedicated to improving the value of urban life through tactical and community-minded property procurement, expansion and construction.

With early focus on York, Pennsylvania, RSDC has facilitated revitalize the once-thriving urban center. Beginning with the Royal Square District — bounded by King, Queen, Duke and Princess Streets — RSDC has procured over 50 properties, including a 40,000 square-foot, reconstructed 1920’s Studebaker dealership, The Bond.

Today, RSDC serves the entire Mid-Atlantic area with unequalled focus, revolutionized stewardship and expert real estate solutions. Allow RSDC to assist you during redevelopment or building of your commercial or housing space.
This new-fanged commercial property lies in the prime district 11 in Novena, Singapore. It has the benefit of having the Novena MRT station just within walking distance that offers excellent financial investment opportunity not to be missed. Royal Square comprises of high grade Medical Suites showcasing classy lobby reception with retail shops. If total convenience is what you have been trying to discover, then your long quest is over. It gives modest gain access to that makes you nearer to the most necessary spots of the daily living. What adds this property useful needs to the top of your wish list is its proximity to urban facilities.